Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Karthigai deepam

Hi All!!!

Im super excited because this is my first ever Blog!!!hoooooo! (bare with me for the mistakes since its ma first one)

And this story is about my karthigai deepam celebration

My Handmade Lamps and Karthigai Deepam

I always want my stuffs and celebrations to be innovative and different though i was a bit lazy to do so :p. But this time around Karthigai Deepam i badly wanted to do something different leaving my laziness behind and this was the output of it.i made my own lamps and colored and designed it with my creativity(though simple).

I never thought these things would give me sooo much of happiness but then it did!!!

My handmade lamps 

          My hand made lamps lighted and kept in ezhakolam